Letter from President

Letter from the ‘Chief Bottle Washer’

It can be a daunting process, redesigning a website for the public’s consumption, but it has the tendency to become rewarding as well. When we were called upon to ask our customers for testimonial statements for the front page, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What would they say about us?”.  We all have had to answer the question, “What makes you so good?” and we have all formulated our own conclusions as to how to answer that question. Nothing is more reassuring than to have your own, longstanding customers reiterate the very sentiments you feel everyday about the things you do in business. The responses that were returned from them, along with our own feelings, have contributed to creating our new Mission and Vision Statements. We have worked for years to be more to our customers than a source of packaging and equipment. Our goal has been to truly partner with them and build a trust that supersedes any daily material needs.

Please, take the time to read our Mission and Vision Statements. They are the heart of who we are and what we do daily. And, when you get a chance, ask a customer of ours, “Who is DELCO and what do they do for you?”  We think you’ll be as impressed as we have been with their response.


David J. DeLuca

Chief Bottle Washer, DELCO Packaging Products, Inc.

David J DeLuca